How much does Denali Payroll cost?

There are several important factors that determine the cost, like the number of users.

To find out how much Payroll will cost you, we recommend you ask for a quote!

Do you offer support?

Cougar Mountain has been making accounting software for over 30 years and offers several different levels of customer support.

What does the ideal Denali Payroll customer look like?

  1. Your company is large enough that more than one person has access to the books
  2. You are interested in preventing fraud within the company

Will Denali Payroll integrate with other programs?

  • Yes, the Payroll module is integrated with Aatrix, a provider of state and federal tax forms.
  • Transaction import functionality is included in every module.
  • Customization services are also available for special business needs or situations.
  • Denali does not include an API.

How do I find out more about Denali Payroll software?

  1. First, continue looking through the Payroll Software  website. The site gives an overview of the software, benefits, screenshots, and videos.
  2. Call one of the Sales Associates and ask as many questions as you need:
    (800) 388-3038.
  3. Request an online demonstration. You can get a guided tour, or you can get the login to our cloud server and go thru it on your own.


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